Diversity in Derby

A fascinating aspect of roller derby is the diversity among the players. Contrary to some stereotyping, roller derby girls are not all the same. While we do share traits necessary to succeed in a competitive, full contact sport (such as determination), we also come in different shapes and ages, from […]

Volunteer at Ironman Augusta with the Soul City Sirens!

Don’t you want to volunteer with the Soul City Sirens at Ironman Augusta on Sept. 27th?  We are operating Run Course Aid Station #3- Soul City Sirens Frog Hollow Tavern, 1282 Broad Street, 07:00 AM – 06:00 PM! Augusta’s Ironman is the largest half Ironman in the world, brings $4 million […]

Who’s That Girl?

It’s bound to happen to you if you retire from derby.  People coming in don’t know who you are or what you’ve contributed to your team.  It’s happened to me several times and well, it doesn’t get any easier.  The first time I remember getting “butt hurt” was when I […]